Monday, May 11, 2015


What does the future of architecture look like? For the four young designers of Pneuhaus, it’s time to blow everything up. It’s 10AM at an abandoned summer camp in rural Rhode Island. Matt Muller, Augie Lehrecke, Hunter Blackwell and Levi Bedall are Heritage and architecture supporters have banded together to file a federal lawsuit against the proposed memorial to victims of communism, one day after the National Capital Commission unveiled plans for a smaller, less-intrusive version of the One of the most talked about and reviled architectural anti-patterns is the big ball of mud. Characterized by a lack of structure and haphazard design, changes become more and more expensive over time. Teams don't set out to create messy designs, it The country lost two utterly different, and utterly compelling interpreters of India's urban world this month. They left a legacy rich with beauty and meaning. Pots, pillars and electric bulb sockets at the Nek Chand Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India. Led by growing demand for new schools, hospitals, cultural facilities, and municipal buildings, the architecture Billings Index (ABI) increased in May following its second monthly drop this year. The American Institute of Architects reported the May ABI Urban planning is comparable to a meal, with the ingredients being its architecture. Great architecture is synonymous with great food, with the quality of a place never rising above the quality of its ingredients. A city, therefore, is only as good as its .

Students in two University of Tennessee colleges could see an increase in their tuition separate from a potential systemwide tuition increase. Architecture and design students could see course fees turn into a $105 per-credit-hour tuition increase. The assembled architecture critics of Chicago are really not happy with Cubs owner Tom Ricketts’ renovations of Wrigley Field, and they’re going to let him know about it. First we had Edward Keegan harshing on the blocked views and ugly steel beams in John Willis, a technical evangelist at Docker, met with theCUBE at DockerCon 2015 to talk about the contribution of his team to the larger vision of Docker. As one of the founders of SocketPlane, Inc., Willis has an eye for networking and how to improve Over the last three years the CONVERGE research initiative, funded by the Federal Government, has concerned itself with the technical and operational framework of a cooperative architecture for the communication of vehicles with the transport .

Amazing Toronto Building Architecture 2924 x 2120 · 1825 kB · jpeg
Amazing Toronto Building Architecture

Remarkable System Architecture 894 x 763 · 34 kB · gif
Remarkable System Architecture

Great ARNO VAN KEMPEN | FOTOGRAFIE 1600 x 1132 · 309 kB · jpeg

Outstanding Dubai Modern Architecture 1280 x 800 · 226 kB · jpeg
Outstanding Dubai Modern Architecture

Top Architecture Studio 565 x 480 · 53 kB · jpeg
Top Architecture Studio

Impressive Medieval Times Art and Architecture 975 x 537 · 97 kB · jpeg
Impressive Medieval Times Art and Architecture

Perfect of 25 ] > 500 x 444 · 71 kB · jpeg
Perfect of 25 ] >

Magnificent Willems Origamic Architecture 1236 x 800 · 199 kB · jpeg
Magnificent Willems Origamic Architecture

Fabulous Post Modern House Architecture 709 x 281 · 34 kB · gif
Fabulous Post Modern House Architecture

Stunning dms 1.0 architecture 861 x 586 · 125 kB · jpeg
Stunning dms 1.0 architecture

Incredible Architecture Models 1 1000 x 674 · 68 kB · jpeg
Incredible Architecture Models 1

Excellent Architecture Studio J 686 x 373 · 32 kB · jpeg
Excellent Architecture Studio J

Very Best Trade center project in India 1575 x 1132 · 350 kB · jpeg
Very Best Trade center project in India

Brilliant Architect Pictures 1280 x 855 · 115 kB · jpeg
Brilliant Architect Pictures

Wonderful Antique Architectural Clip Art Free 1024 x 768 · 176 kB · jpeg
Wonderful Antique Architectural Clip Art Free